The Seismofit® System is comprised of multiple parts of software. Software release notes are grouped into four. Each section, contains information about the latest release:
  • App
  • VO2-max Estimation Algorithm
  • Web API
  • Device Sensor Firmware


V. 0.3.0

  • Updated workflow around JWT token
    • API v2.0.0 uses JWT token for authentication
  • Updated the base URL for the new API
  • Pop back to the correct controller, if a device disconnects
  • Testing with the new production API
  • Show serial number instead of device identification.
  • Switch to using Log instead of printing for internal testing

V. 0.2.0

First release of the software used for testing.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy Interface to Seismofit® Sensor
    • Start and stop of recording
    • Obtaining information about the device
    • Calculate CRC Checksum for transferred data
  • Contact information to VentriJect added
  • App searches for previous recordings
  • Show part of the recording ID and recording time, used as part of the testing

V. 0.1.0

  • Initial Bluetooth Low Energy Interface programmed

VO2-max Estimation Algorithm

V. 4.6.1

  • This updates brings improvements to the VO2-max estimation prediction for subjects with a high VO2-max

V. 4.5.1

  • Improved accuracy and precision of the VentriJect VO2max estimation algorithm
  • The algorithm version number is returned.

V. 4.1.0

  • First cloud implantation of the VentriJect VO2max estimation algorithm


V. 2.0.0

  • Identity Server and Bearer Token Exchange
  • Implementation of company and user structure
  • Updated API for the web-portal
  • Added version logging of all software in the software chain (Firmware, App, API and Algorithm)
  • Device Authentication Key calculation

V. 1.0.0

  • Initial API with Basic Auth
  • Communication between API and Matlab API (processing of recording result)

Seismofit® Sensor Firmware

V. 1.9.23

  • Improvement to battery consumption to extend battery life after accelerometer self-test
  • Improvement to Bluetooth connection to phone

V. 1.9.21

  • Implementation of Battery self-test

V. 1.9.20

  •  Implementation of authentication before device can be used

V. 1.9.18

  • Fixed bug in read-out from accelerometer buffer

V. 1.9.17

  • GetState also returns recording length
  • Self-test of accelerometer
  • Less power consumption from accelerometer, when not in use