Performing a conventional VO2-max test is tough, for everyone

Seismofit® can make VO2-max testing a trivial task

It should go without saying, that performing a cardiorespiratory fitness test is not a trivial task. It requires the right equipment, the right personnel, and a lot of drive from the participant. In the video clip from the regional news “TV2 Fyn,” we see football players from the Danish football team O.B. being tested before the new season begins.

As you can see, performing a VO2-max running test is no easy task, even for elite athletes.

O.B. is participating in a clinical study carried out by a collaboration between the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and Copenhagen University (KU), examining the fitness levels of football players. The Seismofit® system is used in this study to estimate VO2-max, without the need for physical exhaustion. Ph.D. student from Copenhagen University, Mikkel Thunestvedt Hansen is focusing on the estimation of VO2-max using the Seismofit® system, and comparing this to the measured VO2-max from the treadmill test.

Video Source: TV2 Fyn. Link to the full broadcast: here